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Weekly Wedding Flower Palette: Autumn Mauve

Are you planning a fall wedding and looking for the perfect color palette to match the season? Look no further than mauve! This subtle yet elegant shade of pink and purple is the perfect choice for a fall wedding.

Mauve pairs beautifully with other fall colors such as deep greens, rich browns, and warm oranges. Consider incorporating these colors into your bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, and table settings for a cohesive and stunning look.

For a more modern twist, mix in metallic accents such as gold or copper to add a touch of glamour to your mauve color scheme.

Whether you're going for a rustic, bohemian vibe or a chic and sophisticated feel, mauve is a versatile color that can be incorporated into any wedding style. So embrace the beauty of fall and consider a mauve color palette for your special day!

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